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Quality Assurance


CleanImage is your partner for janitorial needs, and the key factor in the success of our partnership is our Quality Assurance Program. Our cleaning program is engineered to consistently produce a sanitary, healthy, and impressionable environment. 


We’re imperfect human beings, so here at CleanImage, we offer strong management and quality control to plan for, and not lose track of, the many necessary cleaning details. 






This is where it starts! We only select the right employee; they must take pride in their work results, be reliable and excellent communicators. All of our employees are thoroughly trained on how to perform each cleaning task, as well as on important safety issues. Also, we know that consistency and security is key. We assign the same person(s) to our client's building so that they become familiar with their sites. Additionally, all of our employees are background checked upon hiring and continuously screened during the duration of their employment with CleanImage. 



BOP’S (Building Operating Procedures)


At CleanImage, one of the things we do is develop a customized guide sheet for each of our client's sites. Similar to SOP’s (standard operation procedures), the BOP’s includes procedures and notes ranging from special instructions on how to enter the building, awareness to things such as faulty door locks  that tend to stick, areas that require special attention, and special instructions like which lights to leave on or what to set the thermostat to before leaving. 




At CleanImage, we compose a custom cleaning checklist for each building for our team to use. It’s our way to remind, verify and inspect the day-to-day tasks we’re expected to do. 


Client Experience Survey


Another tool we use as a part of our Quality Assurance Program is our Client Experience Surveys. Our surveys consisting of 5-10 questions are delivered to clients via email, routinely and only take a few minutes to answer. WE WANT YOU TO GRADE US and share what we’re doing well if there are areas where improvement is needed and make us aware of what other needs you have. 


Scheduled and Spot Inspections 


Continuous improvement requires continuous evaluation, which is exactly where our cleaning inspections come into play. Our cleaning inspections are a fundamental tool for evaluating services and communicating with our employees and clients. CleanImage has the right balance in measuring our standards; frequency, type, components, ratings and specific weight of items/areas in our inspections. 


A professional cleaning isn't complete without your satisfaction

If for any reason you aren't happy with our professional cleaning services or janitorial solutions, give us a call immediately. We will come back and clean the specific areas that didn't meet your expectation. Simply notify us within 24-hours of your service visit and we will return within 24-hours to attend to the area(s). 

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